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Utter genius.

Combining the dynamic narrative of Dumas' 'The Three Musketeers' and the imagery of Tolkein, what this Flash has achieved sets new standards for the Flash animators to come. Undoubtedly set to gain its deserved place among the masters, all I can say is watch it and be blown away.

10 out of 10.


Combining the irreverent wit of Dickens and the dense but gripping style of Sir Walter Scott, what 'Fagdoll' has done here will earn a place amongst the masters and stand the test of time. The protagonist undergoes many trials, he is by no means perfect, a bit shoot first ask questions later, but it's his uncompromising style which endears him to the audience.

The twist at the end (which I will not spoil for the viewer) transforms this work from a great to a classic.

10 out of 10.


voted 5 out of principle

Ivanovitch responds:

Whenever I watch a lock movie I get a boner so big I can't see the vote panel so I have to vote faiv.

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You know what I find ironic?

You say SS Time Trials suck, yet you steal my preloader from them

Good going.

MurderLab responds:

I thought locks were supposed to make GOOD animations, but no I guess those were just lies

My word,

You two are gods amongst men


Well, i must say one thing....

It was a cold afternoon in Brooklyn, New York. The 9's were set trippin' as usual, and the Blood and Crips were settling an age-old qualm over who stole the ginger ale from old Muma's larder. "Funny life this," Jimmy thought, as he almost tripped over a sleeping tramp. "Why was he here?", he continued to think "Wasn't I in New Orleans not a fortnight ago?". He began to focus on his itinerary once again, until, wait what was this?

Barry and the gang were walking down the street armed with AK's and 9 mms. So, Jimmy and his Afro-American sidekick Big Square said "Hey, let's bust up these foo's". So they pulled out their Tec-9s from their sides and began to open fire, when all of a sudden, you wouldn't believe what happened, Jesus himself came down from the heavens, armed with what looked like dual M4's (he can do that you see, being Jesus and all), and began to rip Barry and his posse to shreds. As Barry tried to run away, Jesus ran after him with his God-like speed, picked him up by his underwear, and launched him into the bins down 5th Street's back alley. So then, he gave Jesus a high-five, and Jesus said "anytime brudda!", and then they all went home to watch Celebrity Squares and eat popcorn.

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